Life Cleric

Abandoned in the village of Dunfeld as an infant, Bhediya was raised by a small order of clerics charged with maintaining the local shrine of Selûne. Born a werewolf rather than cursed, she manifested the signs of lycanthropy soon after reaching her teenage years. With her monthly transformations came wolf dreams, prophetic visions granted to her by the Goddess of the Moon.

The young cleric embarked on an overland voyage to the city-state of Maarlith and arrived soon after the fall of the Meteor. There, she and a group of disparate adventurers met an aged blacksmith named Dalwin Kell, who hired them to recover the Meteor, thinking it just a chunk of star iron. In her early travels with the Harbingers, Bhediya’s connection to her goddess grew strained as she struggled to reconcile her cohorts’ loose morality with her own rigid code. As time passed, though, she matured into a moral compass for the Harbingers. She also frequently clashed with Silaqui over the drow noble’s fraught relationship with lycanthropes, but the two have since become close friends.

While working with the Selunite werewolves of Luenath, Bhediya became a confidante and supporter of Blais of the White Claw, their powerful and ancient leader. She also has ties to the Malarite Hunt Lords. She swayed one, the huntsman Luth, away from the service of the nefarious Velasco after the Harbingers defeated him in combat. Another, Lagria, suspects that Bhediya may be the child she cast away, and has since fallen out of grace with her people for her association with the Harbingers.

With her powerful healing magics and dedication to bringing light to the darkness, Bhediya is constantly there to bolster her friends… and Garret.

Garret Underbridge
Assassin Rogue • Hexblade Warlock 

Garret Underbridge was born in the city of Assur, the second city of the nation of Durpar. The squalid slum was peopled by slavers, thieves, and the hopeless. As a child of the streets, he was welcomed in by the clerics of Bahamut at the Platinum Minaret. What ought to have been a hand up out of the merciless throngs of the city proved instead to be Garret’s first step down a dark path.

A young nun, Onna Carrick, was responsible for the temple’s youth ministry. When she fell on hard times, she began cultivating the children of the temple as thieves. At first, their ill-gotten gains were donated in secret to the order, but the success of her criminal enterprise and the allure of wealth and power swayed Onna away from Bahamut. She grew cruel and vicious, depriving her children of food and basic comforts as punishment when they failed to steal enough to satisfy her. Garret was one of her most promising thieves, quick of finger and fleet of foot.

One night, the young thief sneaked into Onna’s quarters with a stolen dagger. He stabbed her in the eye and fled. Thinking her dead, he fled Durpar. He spent his path to adulthood taking on a variety of unsavory jobs, becoming as proficient at assassination as he was at petty theft. By chance, he was in the city of Maarlith when the blacksmith Dalwin Kell offered a princely sum of gold for the recovery of the Meteor. Garret and a small group of adventurers embarked on a quest to retrieve the fallen hunk of extraterrestrial metal. This party would become known as the Harbingers.

In the city of Herath, Garret’s willingness to take on dirty work proved his undoing. He attempted to bargain with an albino dwarf, Lilith, who used his lust for power to lure him into a bargain with an ancient devil named Gargauth. Lilith herself was revealed to be a powerful rakshasa named Nishri. Not long later, Garret fell in battle against mind flayers in the underground ruin of Z’had Nuth. Gargauth interceded directly to revive Garret, sealing a pact between the two. The death also instilled in Garret a crippling fear of illithids.

Under Gargauth’s increasingly insistent sway, Garret liberated the Shield of the Hidden Lord from a keep in the Shadowfell. He lost the shield to a deva of Lathander and hired a party of mercenaries to retrieve it. His deepening relationship with Gargauth drove a wedge between Garret and the rest of the Harbingers, who expelled him from the party. On his own at last, Garret descended into the Hells and the Abyss. He liberated Gargauth and restored the devil lord to his throne in the Tenth Hell. Now freed from his bargain at last, it remains to be seen whether Garret will be welcomed back into the Harbingers, or if he will be forced to find his own path.

Hamo Himo
Order of the Profane Soul Blood Hunter

A wood elf of Pelambar, Hamo Himo spent centuries idling in the Forest of Amtar, delighting in long months spent roving the green groves of the vast wood and hunting for wild game. The sylvankind of Amtar were a peaceful people, secretive and silent, and had neither interest nor much interaction with the outside world.

Several years before the founding of the Harbingers, Hamo returned to find his village of Pelambar destroyed. The attackers had stripped the commune of its valuables, but had slaughtered indiscriminately and burned Pelambar’s groves as they went. Such an act of senseless, purposeless brutality was beyond Hamo’s ability to fathom. He wandered, mournful and lost, until hunger drove him to seek mercenary work in the city of Maarlith. There, he joined with the adventuring party that would become the Harbingers. In Silaqui A’avaleth, he discovered a friend and a kindred soul who was similarly forged by loss.

While voyaging through the Feywild, Hamo was struck by a discomfiting reminder of his unhappy past. Visiting the nurseries of the eladrin in the city of Wilderbrink, he encountered a young elf girl with dim memories of Hamo, her natural elven memories of past lives accelerated and advanced by the magics of the Feywild. She demanded to know why he had abandoned his people, but could not recall much else about her past life. Leaving the party, Hamo embarked on a journey to discover the identity of his people’s murderer.

Traveling to the depths of the Nine Hells, Hamo learned that his people were slaughtered by Soth, a malevolent death knight. The knowledge cost him dearly, as during his travels in the hells, Hamo became a profane blood hunter. He reunited with Garret during the assassin’s successful effort to restore the devil Gargauth to his hellish throne. He has since returned with Garret to the Prime Material Plane to continue his quest for vengeance.

Kelshar Doth
College of Lore Bard

Had Kelshar remained in T’lindhet, the Underdark city of his birth, he likely would have spent his entire life in obscurity. As a member of a cadet branch of the middle-class House Doth, he lacked the magical ability to join the Canton of Arcana, the strength of arm to bring his house honor in the Canton of Defense, or the cunning to excel at the sometimes-bloody games of the lower Houses.

It was his relationship with Laranna A’avaleith, the youngest daughter of Sildren A’avaleith, that tugged Kelshar free from his people’s stolid society. She encouraged his musical aspirations and, with tales of trade and strange peoples far beyond the plateau of T’lindhet, stoked in him a yearning for the outside world: its culture, its history, and its lore.

When Laranna disappeared during the Uprising of the Fang, Kelshar let his despondency fuel his wanderlust. He traveled forth into the world and spent a century training himself as a wandering bard, all the while collecting tales of the world that had so dazzled his beloved. He reconnected with Silaqui, her elder sister, by chance in the city of Maarlith, and was swept up in the events surrounding the fall of the Meteor.

As one of the Harbingers, Kelshar is an avid problem-solver whose occasional rashness has proved a delight and a challenge to his teammates. While under the influence of a magical lyre, he became preoccupied with stealing from Garret, which irritated the cold-blooded assassin.

His ties to home remain a source of distant frustration for Kelshar, embodied by the social climbing of his first cousin, Akhamet. As a member of the Canton of Arcana, Akhamet has his eyes on making Doth one of the High Houses of T’lindhet. Kelshar’s efforts to defend the city against a gnollish invasion have fed Akhamet’s rise to leadership in the canton.

Garret unwittingly got his revenge when Kelshar was killed and reanimated by a death tyrant in the Fane of the Tenth. As Kelshar was instantly resurrected as a zombie by the undead beholder, Garret hurriedly stabbed the reanimated bard through the eye so that Bhediya could quickly revivify him.

Kelshar’s quest for an eye nearly led to disaster in the Feywild, when he accepted a murky old eye in a jar from an unscrupulous elven witch. The eye proved to be the Eye of Vecna, an impossibly powerful artifact of ancient evil. While working there to redeem the soul of King, a former member of the Harbingers, he came to the attention of Corellon Larethian, god of all elves, who rewarded the drow with his brief regard.

When the nothic warlock Etreia managed to recover her true identity as the tiefling Azmoda, she began her ascent toward power by cutting the Eye out of Kelshar. He died once more, this time finding his soul in Arvandor. The ancestral home of Corellon and all elven souls had long since been barred to the souls of drow, but an avatar of Corellon had found himself fascinated with Kelshar’s nature. He encouraged Kelshar to return to life, suggesting that the drow’s path might yet redeem his fallen people in their god’s eyes.

Silaqui A’avaleith
Monster Slayer Ranger

Silaqui A’avaleith was reared in a life of privilege, the second daughter of the trader lord Sildren A’avaleith. Fiercely independent from an early age, she became close friends with Lord Tethron Morvinas, the young son of a powerful house. She frequently joined her father in overworld trade before the fall of the Crinti.

During the Uprising of the Fang, her father and sisters were caught in the city of Prastuil and Silaqui’s life was forever changed. Left as the sole heir to an ancient drow house and possessed of neither the desire nor the training to run it, she fled her responsibilities and became a wandering ranger. This widened a schism between her and her strait-laced cousin, Varithra, who was cast into the role of harried seneschal over the A’avaleith affairs.

Silaqui’s roving lifestyle led her to Maarlith, where she came under the employ of the smith Dalwhin Kell. She was furious to discover that one of her new teammates, Bhediya, was a werewolf, but the two overcame their mutual differences to forge an indelible friendship.

On a voyage back to T’lindhet to warn the city of Muramand’s encroaching gnolls, she reconnected with Tethron. The reunion of the two iconoclasts was warm at first, but things grew strained as Tethron proposed uniting their houses through marriage. He assassinated two heads of the High Houses in heaped the blame at Silaqui’s feet in a desperate bid to force her into a marriage, but the Harbingers found him out and Silaqui slew him in single combat, having worked for decades on her dueling skills. This raised House A’avaleith to the status of High House, and Silaqui sealed her rift with Varithra by making her seneschal of both houses.

With the Harbingers, Silaqui has leavened her prejudice against werewolves while maintaining her blood vendetta against Velasco, the packmaster of Dambrath’s Malarite lycanthropes. She has discovered signs that her sister and Kelshar’s lover, Laranna, remains alive and in the thrall of Velasco.

Wild Magic Sorcerer

Khymerus is a powerful tiefling sorcerer born in the Beastlands of Estagund, to the northwest of Durpar. His birth was an unusual one: his parents were members of a peculiar cult of the devil Asmodeus whose modus operandi was to produce a powerful devil by mating together humans with distant infernal ancestry. This multi-generational breeding program had failed to yield results until Khymerus was born.

Attention and education were lavished upon him as a child. He was seen as the culmination of all of the cult’s efforts, a tiefling with immense inborn power. All of that changed when his half-sister was born, perfect and red-skinned, a superior throwback to their shared devilish heritage.

Dubbed Azmoda, the young girl was a prodigy whose natural abilities dwarfed Khymerus’s. He was cast aside, suddenly unimportant to the plans of his parents and their fellow cultists. Azmoda would rise to power, snatching for herself a fragment of Asmodeus’s infernal essence, but she was defeated by a party known as the Fellowship of the Grey Star.

Khymerus departed from the cult in the depth of night, using his natural powers to find himself employment in a whorehouse in Turelve under the watchful eye of a madame, Mamma, who was herself a powerful warlock. She took Khymerus on as a guard for the house, but when he was found with one of her girls, she cursed him to never feel pleasure with a woman again. The curse manifested in horrific fashion, leaving Khymerus scarred.

Since joining the Harbingers, Khymerus has only grown in power, but his ill fortunes have grown apace. He shared a friendly rivalry with the mischievous nothic warlock Etreia, who even went so far as to grant him one of her spines as a spell focus, only to find that she had been Azmoda all along. When he was on the cusp of finding love with Afra, a fire genasi, she was murdered in front of him.

The hardships Khymerus has endured have both embittered and matured him. Now, with his sister blazing a path of destruction across the face of the world once more, he has a clear goal in sight.

Circle of Dreams Druid

King was born to a common shepherdess, Kalista, in the inglorious town of Wildernsedge, just on the far verges of Ammathtar. By night, his mother was often visited by a man, fair of face and powerful of build, who was untouched by the years as the boy grew up. Of his strange name, King’s mother would only say that she had given it to him because some day, he would rule.

But this was not to be. As he matured, King realized that his mother had been enthralled by an elven noble from the Feywild. When his mother disappeared, King received a warning from a pair of eladrin troops in fine regalia: leave Wildernsedge and never return, upon his mother’s life.

Plagued by childhood tales of knights in shining armor, King pledged himself as a paladin, swearing his life to protect the woods. He wandered as a Green Knight, defending the forests, but he was always haunted by the sense that he was consigned to a greater destiny. While resupplying in Cathyr, he drew the attention of a group of magically inclined thieves, the Knotter’s Row Gang, and their vicious leader Surrang.

The Harbingers rescued King from the gang’s dungeons, and he became a member of the party. Forced to work with others for the first time since his boyhood, the half-elf felt chafed by the rigid bonds he had sworn as a paladin. While a captive of Muramand’s gnollish army in the mountains of Gnollwatch, he cast aside his arms and armor and gave himself entirely to the chaotic power of nature, manifesting powerful druidic abilities.

For a time, King traveled alongside the Harbingers, spreading greenery and growth wherever he went, but when the party escaped into the Feywild to avoid the oncoming forces of the Malarite werewolf Velasco, he was plunged back into his family’s travails.

There, he met Daerodalian Reneiros, his erstwhile father, and discovered that his mother had been the consort and honored guest of the elven duke in his city of Wilderbrink. The message warning him away had been a cruel and long-forgotten prank of his half-brother, Ridian. Despite bereavement and humiliation at this discovery, King fought in defense of Wilderbrink when the dark fey known as the Wild Hunt assailed the city.

Seeing his father give himself up to the Wild Hunt tore away at the last shreds of King’s stability, and he consulted with an eladrin witch, Kestria, to find a way to change the past. He traveled to a cavern guarded by a pure dracolich, Erystrasz, which served as a nexus in time. There, he overwrote his own past, creating a hellish world where the Harbingers had failed to stop the Far Realm from overtaking the Prime Material Plane.

After the Harbingers saved the last survivors of the broken world and returned to the Feywild, they traveled to the nexus as well. There, they learned that King’s meddling had drawn the attentions of Corellon Larethian, god of all elves. The deity was ill-pleased at King’s transgression, but was moved by the incredible efforts of the Harbingers to save his life. Rather than simply unmaking King, he offered him a chance at penance through service.

King exchanged a tearful goodbye with his friends and departed for parts unknown.

Resh Kaden
Battle Master Fighter • Path of the Totem Barbarian

Born and raised in Vaelan, Resh was honored by selection into the ranks of the Church of Lathander at a young age. He showed considerable promise as a boy, his sharp mind and grasp of tactics setting him apart from other children, but his potential never blossomed into the incredible discipline required of Lathanderi acolytes.

Denied a path to the priesthood, Resh became a soldier. It was there that his strength of arms and tactical skill set him apart from others. He sought the love of Casma, an acolyte of Lathander a dozen years his senior, and became part of the personal guard of the high priest Kastolat during his own meteoric rise in the holy order.

At the Battle of the Golden Line, with his troops all but obliterated, Resh gave in to a berserker rage and felled several dozen beastmen. He was credit with single-handedly turning the tide of battle, and became a legend in Durpar. But this rise earned him the hatred of two paladins, Fjath and Gorimar. Their growing spite at Resh’s rising popularity among the commonfolk was built on a foundation of jealousy. Fjath, especially, projected upon Resh ambitions that the soldier did not hold.

This hatred culminated in a vicious fight between Resh and Fjath that ended in the latter’s humiliation. Later that night, Resh was dining with Kastolat when the priest, his mentor, was assassinated by a creature of swirling shadow. He was forced to flee his homeland, and it became a widely told that Resh himself had assassinated the popular priest in nefarious hopes of attaining power in the church.

Resh leveraged his tactical skills to become a mercenary for several years. His meanderings took him to Dambrath, where he joined the group of adventurers who would become the Harbingers. Taciturn and brooding, he slowly gave in to his inner rage, especially when he learned that he was still being hunted by Fjath.

He became bonded with a sword, the Blade of the Black Star, that had been crafted from the meteor. When it became clear at Heller’s Fort that every piece of the meteor needed to be destroyed, Resh selflessly cast the blade into the Plane of Elemental Fire. The tremendous power of the severed bond tore him apart, and he was transformed into a nothic.

As Raak, he was discovered by Etreia, a fellow nothic. She quickly grew bored with him when she failed to spark in him memories of his past life. He came under the employ of a traveling carnival of freaks before being rescued by the Harbingers, who reasoned out his identity because he had one of Garret’s knives embedded in the stony flesh of his back.

The Harbingers dedicated themselves to reconstructing Resh, which they successfully did on the island of Krenalir.