Kevin Little
Circle of the Shepherd Druid

Raised by wandering Vistani, the gnome who calls himself Kevin Little has heard the voice of the wild all his life. Calling this strange speaker in his mind “Big Kevin”, the hyperactive gnome has followed its guidance for good and for ill. He became a druid at a young age and won over a fox named Ben as a lifelong companion.

During his rovings, Kevin followed Big Kevin’s guidance down into the nation of Dambrath. There, he traveled through the ruins of Luenath and was entranced by the burgeoning society of werewolves and other outcasts. He left into the east, accompanying a taciturn Loxodon named The Force and an intense half-orc named Rugok. With them, he became a founding member of an adventuring party that has voyaged into the Feywild and beyond. Although he insists on calling the group “Kevin’s Kumquats”, they have found themselves embroiled in a serious conflict.

Big Kevin, now revealed to be the voice of the exarch Silvanus himself, has big plans for his gnomish servant. But first, Kevin must find a way to stop a draconic apocalypse from enveloping the land he has adopted as his new home.

Somar Brightbeard
Grave Domain Cleric

Somar Brightbeard, the son of a miner and a jewelcrafter, was always the black sheep of his family. He never had the avarice and drive that fuels so many dwarves. Taught by his uncle in the ways of brewing, Somar threw himself into the art with considerable aplomb. Somar felt called to a higher task, and swiftly learned to apply brewing techniques toward the brewing of potions and poisons.

His skill in the arts of potionmaking drew the attention of the clerics of Kelemvor, God of Death. It was in the service of Kelemvor that he traveled to the city of Hazuth and became embroiled in the efforts of Lord-General Titus Grantham, the powerful and enigmatic head of the city’s armed forces. While working for the general, he became a founding member of an adventuring party that now refers to themselves–much to his chagrin–as “Kevin’s Kumquats.”

Way of the Sun Soul Monk

Zevari was born to a human father and mother who were little pleased to find themselves cursed with a tiefling child. Her father had been a sailor of some renown on a ship tossed by cruel storms and torn apart by mutiny. He avoided near-certain doom thanks to a well-timed plea that was answered by forces unknown.

Barely tolerated by her parents, Zevari left home as soon as she came of age and became an experienced sailor. By happenstance, she had come ashore in the city of Hazuth when Lord-General Titus Grantham sent out a call seeking adventurers to assist with a delicate mission: stealing an artifact from a nearby ship. She and a group of would-be heroes fell into the general’s employ.

After traveling with the adventurers through the Feywild, Zevari discovered that the same tiefling nature that made her despised by family lent her exceptional value to others: a cult of the powerful tiefling witch Asmoda, who needed her to complete a circle of tieflings that could fully channel the powers of the Wand of Orcus. Confronted with this grim destiny, it is not yet clear whether Zevari will rise above temptation or descend into the evil that is her birthright.